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We Build Industry Leading Brands
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To Help Plastic Surgeons, Med Spas & Dentists Grow Smarter, Faster, Stronger

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To Help Plastic Surgeons, Med Spas & Dentists Grow Smarter, Faster, Stronger

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Mavan Is Your Marketing Secret Weapon

Let’s cut to the chase, you’ve probably hired marketers who have murdered your money so your skepticism is sky high. Like most business owners, you sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed; getting hammered on all sides by “marketers” saying do one thing after another. Mavan was built to provide you with a set of fundamental principles (not tricks or get rich quick schemes) to magnetically attract new patients who want to pay more for your services because they see you as the authority. If you’re sick & tired of anxiety of worrying where your next patient will come from, then keep reading…

The Best Marketing Doesn't Feel Like Marketing...

Educational based marketing is the key to branding you as the authority in your industry. It’s simple, the way to attract high value patients is NOT discount marketing. Instead, we focus on advertising that educates and gives real value in itself in order to attract your dream patients, become the authority, charge premium prices and dominate your competition.

Who We Help

What Our Clients Say

“I’m so excited. This is literally what my business needed. It’s sad that I’ve been holding back this long and to think of all the lost opportunities because my site was subpar 😥. NGL it was a huge leap of faith, but I know y’all are going to kill it!”

R. M.

PR Manager

“Andrew with Mavan is incredibly talented! His work is the best I’ve ever seen, I look forward to working together for a very long time”

Dr. M. M.

PR Manager

“Mavan is our secret weapon. 5 stars, highly recommend. Lots of marketers talk a good game, Mavan is the real deal”

K. K.

PR Manager

“Andrew REALLY understands marketing better than anyone I’ve ever met. We are extremely happy with our website & e-commerce store.”

Dr. A. N.

PR Manager

“Andrew reminds me of myself 20 years ago. His passion, dedication, and mastery of his craft is on another level.”

Dr. F. C.

PR Manager

“Everyone compliments my website and I’m told nearly every day that I have the best med spa website in Canada. I had very high expectations and Andrew completely blew them out of the water. Mavan is the best of the best!”

J. G.

PR Manager

Preferred Marketing Partners of

Here's The Ugly Little Lie
That Marketers Don't Want You To Know...

You need a heck of a lot MORE than just marketing! Look, the missing link to a wildly profitable practice is running it like a business and what separates the top docs from the rest is marketing & sales that runs like a well oiled machine. So let me ask you, is your advertising competing on price and giving discounts or is it leading with education and giving real value? Are you tracking your ROI from ads or are you lighting your money on fire by advertising without tracking? Is your front desk trained and being measured with KPI’s to maximize revenue? How long is your follow up process? Does it match the patient buying journey? And is it automated and helping move people closer to buying or just screaming… “Buy now!”?
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