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What Is A Mavan Smart Website™?

A Mavan Smart Website™ positions you as the authority, attracts organic traffic from Google like a magnet, and converts that traffic into leads on autopilot. Every detail of the website must be aimed at lowering your cost to acquire a new patient & maximizing revenue. Period.

How Does A Mavan Smart Website™ Work?

We transform your current website into a patient generating machine.
The first step is to create a visually stunning website that attracts & keeps attention. Step #2 is to increase organic traffic with an SEO optimized website. The best way to do that is to have content that matches what people are searching so Google realizes your website is valuable and helps educate people.
Next, your Mavan Smart Website™ utilizes multiple points to turn website visitors into leads with lead magnets, a chat widget, online scheduling, etc. Click the button below to schedule a strategy session and discover how we can take your practice to the next level.

Why Do You Need A Mavan Smart Website™?

Let’s be real honest for a second… Most websites are cookie cutter and look the exact same as the one down the street. How do you differentiate yourself as charge the prices you really want? You need a website that sparks desire, builds trust, and attracts patients.
Then you wonder why you have a hard time charging premium prices or getting online leads to show up and pay. Right now, prospects lump you with the other 997 competitors in town. What makes you different? What are you doing to catch their attention online?
If you want your dream patients… your website must position you as the authority.

Beautifully Designed

Eye catching visual design attracts a higher caliber patient who is ready, willing, and able to invest in your services. Over 50% of patients say web design is the #1 factor in determining which doctor to choose.

Highly Optimized

Lightning fast load speeds, SEO that skyrockets you to the top of Google, and copywriting that sparks desire are the keys to unlocking massive practice growth by transforming your website into a patient acquisition machine.

Conversion Ready

Mavan websites are designed to catch and keep the consumer’s attention, then convert that attention into high-value paying patients at your practice. We turn website clicks into leads who show up and pay.


A Mavan Smart Website™ differs from a regular website in several key ways:
  • Purpose: The primary purpose of a Mavan Smart Website™ is to position you as an authority, attract organic traffic, and convert that traffic into leads automatically. Regular websites may lack this specific focus.
  • Design: Mavan Smart Websites™ are aesthetically pleasing and beautifully designed, tailored for luxury practices, with an emphasis on eye-catching visuals. Regular websites may not prioritize design to the same extent. Optimization: Mavan Smart Websites™ are highly optimized for search engines (SEO), with content designed to match what people are searching for. This optimization helps your site rank higher on Google. Regular websites may lack this SEO emphasis.
  • Conversion Tools: Mavan Smart Websites™ incorporate multiple features like lead magnets, chat widgets, and online scheduling to actively convert website visitors into leads. Regular websites may not have such robust conversion mechanisms.
  • Positioning as Authority: A Mavan Smart Website™ establishes you as an authority in your field, helping you stand out from competitors.
  • Increased Traffic: SEO optimization attracts organic traffic from Google.
  • Lead Generation: Conversion tools turn visitors into leads on autopilot.
  • Aesthetics: Eye-catching design appeals to a higher caliber of patients. * Optimization: Faster load speeds, SEO, and compelling copywriting contribute to practice growth.
A Mavan Smart Website™ contributes to building your personal brand by positioning you as an authority in your field. The website’s design, content, and optimization help create a professional and trustworthy image, attracting patients who are ready to invest in your services. This brand positioning sets you apart from competitors and helps you charge premium prices.
Whether you need a Mavan Smart Website™ depends on your specific goals and practice. If you want to differentiate yourself from competitors, attract higher-caliber patients, increase online visibility, and automate lead generation, then a Mavan Smart Website™ is a must. It’s designed to maximize the effectiveness of your online presence.

Yes, we recommend the best platforms for domain purchasing and hosting. Your website is 100% yours.

Having and e-commerce store allows you to open up your business to the world. The possibilities are endless. If you have products you are selling in your practice, you should 100% put them on an e-commerce store that will help you build passive income for your business.

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