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Content Marketing

Authority Based Content Positions You As The One-And-Only Expert In Town

A tiny fraction of the market is ready to commit and buy now vs. a much, much larger % of people who are still in information gathering mode. If your website does not have lead magnets that offer valuable, educational content in exchange for the prospects contact info.

You are missing out BIG TIME! When you have this authority based content, who do you think these patients are going to come to when they are ready?

Lead Magnet's Put Your Marketing On Steroids

Your website is the first & only showcase of your life’s work, why not take it to the next level with an exclusive brand?

Lead magnets like “free reports” will increase your conversion rate leading to more patients without spending more money on advertising. Why? It’s simple… people would rather give you their contact info for something of value aka educational content about the procedure they are interested in vs. booking a consultation right off the bat.

A large percent of your market is in the “research phase” and they simply aren’t ready to commit. Right now… without a lead magnet, your practice is missing out on this valuable chunk of the market and it’s costing you $$$

Less Stress. More patients.

Your website is the first & only showcase of your life’s work, why not take it to the next level with an exclusive brand?

Not to mention the fact that you need to focus on your patients. As a full-service healthcare digital marketing agency, we have proven strategies and seamless systems to help you grow your online presence.

Let our team design and implement a proven formula for attracting new patients on autopilot. Click the button below to get started.

“The Best Marketing Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing” – Tom Fishburne

Does your current marketing give value and education BEFORE the prospect comes in to your practice?

99% of practices offer 0 real value in their marketing. No differentiation. Nothing. The typical marketing message is… “You want a Rhinoplasty, we offer it and if you come in now, we’ll give you $500 off!” Low value, not attractive. It devalues your services and lumps you in with the 4,627 other providers in your area.

Mavan specializes in value based marketing that attracts prospects because you’re helping them BEFORE they come in. We create content assets that explain the benefits of the procedure, how it works, and why they should choose you. Without this educational based and value based content, you’re just another aesthetic provider in town.
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